Adventure Bay Family Water Park re-opened Wednesday. It was closed late Tuesday to make sure air flow is meeting quality standards.

Don Sadler, the project manager for the aquatic complex, said some lifeguards complained of "minor irritation" on Family Day.

"One of our air handling units that moves the air was malfunctioning," Sadler said. "We also had a very high volume of patrons in here. So, by necessity, there was more chlorine used in the space."

Sadler said the problem is not a big health concern.

Jan Wilson, the city's executive director of recreation and culture, said "everything falls within acceptable levels."

"The facility is inspected on a daily basis ...[it's] in compliance with all regulations so there are no issues with that," she said. "We're going to monitor it very closely. That's not uncommon when you open a new facility, needing to tweak the different systems."

The aquatic training centre on the other side of the facility operates on a separate air system, and remained open Tuesday.