Water is flowing back again at the Adventure Bay Family Water Park after 10 days of annual maintenance, which saw each piece of equipment scrubbed down and inspected. 

"We are a little dry," said park manager Jennifer Knights, who took CBC News on a tour of the park as staff finished up a yearly "deep clean" of the 35,000 square foot water park that cycles through 4-million litres of water. 

That's close to the amount of water that fills the competition pool next door at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre.

Tha water park will re-open on Thursday.

Knights said that staff are constantly ensuring the park is kept clean, but said the annual stoppage allows for a more thorough job.

Jen Knights

Adventure Bay Family Water Park Manager Jennifer Knights said the park will re-open on Thursday. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

"It gives us time to shut everything down, drain the water out of all the attractions. Inspect things, clean them and make any minor or major repairs that are needed," said Knights.

She said that the park is on pace to pass last year's attendance numbers. 

"We're on the verge of the 100,000th visitor this year, that should be coming up soon," said Knights. 

As the water park goes through it's annual cleanse, staff are looking at what they could add to the park to keep things current. 

"We're always thinking about what's up next," said Knights. "We pay very close attention to what's up-and-coming."

She added they're asking the public to provide examples of things people want to see in the park.