Meetings for people with alcohol and drug addictions have returned to the Brentwood Recovery Home after the site was damaged by flooding in August.

Executive director Dan Soulliere said all areas of the home were swamped, except the men's residence, when record-breaking rains swamped more than 6,000 basements across the city.

Women's dorm basement being aired out after flood at Brentwood

More than 6,000 homes in Windsor were flooded during record-breaking rains at the end of August. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

Addictions meetings had to be moved to a nearby Catholic church for awhile, but Soulliere said they're back.

"We're running our program. The offices for our staff, including myself, we're working out of trailers," he explained. "We probably will be 'til the end of the year, for sure, the first of next year."

Soulliere said staff still can't use their main events hall.

Brentwood being cleaned up after flood

Addictions meetings have returned to Brentwood, but many repairs still need to be made. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

He predicts damage will amount to nearly $2 million and insurance will not cover everything.

A fundraising fish dinner is planned for early November.