The Tall Ship Peacemaker will spend the weekend docked in Windsor.

She will be open for deck tours throughout the weekend.

CBC Windsor's Michael Evans and Michael Haslem climbed aboard to snap photos and take some video Friday.

Meanwhile, the ship's captain, Larry Clinton, also spoke to CBC Windsor's the Bridge.

The Peacemaker's specifications are as follows:

  • Overall Length: 45.75 metres (150 feet)
  • Deck Length: 37.75 metres (124 feet)
  • Length at Waterline: 33 metres (108 feet)
  • Beam: 10 metres (33 feet)
  • Draft: 4.25 metres (14 feet)
  • Mast Height Above Waterline: 38 metres (126 feet)
  • Sail Area: 929 square metres (10,000 square feet)