Two months after the worst flooding event in Windsor's history, Ontario's Disaster Recovery Assistance program has received 91 applications, according to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. 

The program was activated a week after the region received record amounts of rainfall that resulted in more than 6,000 flooded basements. 

That means that less than two per cent of homeowners that experienced flooding applied for assistance through the program.

The Mayors of Tecumseh, Lasalle and Windsor pushed strongly for the province to activate the program in the days following the flood.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens brought up the program during the annual ward meetings throughout the city, asking people to apply so the province has an understanding of the impact the flood had on the city. 

So far $4,630 has been paid to date on the applications received. The deadline for applications is January 5, 2018.

Requests in 2016

Not everyone who applies receives money.

"Damage caused by sewer backup is not generally eligible under the program," according to an information package made available at one of two information sessions hosted in Windsor by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in October.

"However, there is a special provision to provide assistance to low-income households that experience flood damage caused by sewer backup."

The program was also activated in 2016 when more than 3,500 basements across the region were flooded. 

Following that flood, 583 homeowners asked for help under the program.

"To date $749,683.73 in assistance, including interim payments, has been issued to eligible recipients," wrote a ministry spokesperson in an email to CBC News.

More than a year later, there are still 135 applications open and under review.