Eighty-seven laid-off Ford workers in Windsor have told the automaker and union that represents them they're willing to move to take to jobs elsewhere in Canada.

Employees were offered jobs at plants in Oakville, Bramalea and Edmonton where senior employees have decided to accept incentive packages to retire.

Workers in Windsor are waiting to see how many senior employees actually accepted the retirement package.The number will be known next month.

Chris Taylor, president of Unifor Local 200, which represents Ford workers in Windsor, said that will determine how many of the 87 workers in Windsor actually move.

"The company's already agreed that when those people go, it'll be on a one-to-one basis, so if they get 50 people to go, then we know that 50 spots are going to be open," Taylor explained.

Several employees from a former Ford plant in St. Thomas are vying for the same positions.

"Then it's a matter of putting the combined list from St. Thomas and Windsor together, and when they're ready to call, they would start calling by seniority on the combined list," Taylor said.

There are almost 500 laid off Ford workers in Windsor, plus almost 200 more on notice.

Another 1,100 Ford workers in St. Thomas lost their jobs in 2011.