The Windsor Humane Society wants to speak to whoever abandoned a litter of puppies in the city's east end this weekend.

The eight puppies were found in a cardboard box beside a dumpster near Meadowbrook and Sycamore Saturday evening.

Executive director Melanie Coulter says they are a medium, mixed breed — possibly collie and bull dog — and are in remarkably good shape. 

The puppies are only about three weeks old and should still be nursing.

They are being bottle fed in a foster home and won't be ready to adopt for another six weeks.

Coulter says she'd like to know who left the dogs so she can find out of there are any diseases for which the puppies might need treatment.

She says the Humane Society won't be pursuing charges.

She adds that if someone surrenders a litter of puppies to the Humane Society — rather than abandon them — they'll spay the mother of the puppies for free.