$6M in museum funding approved by council

Windsor city council has approved plans to develop a $6-million museum at the art gallery.

$3M Joseph Chimczuk bequest to be used to pay for museum at art gallery

Windsor city council has approved plans to develop a $6-million museum at the art gallery.

It would like to use the bequest of Joseph Chimczuk to pay for about half of the project.

But the estate is subject to a court hearing.

A group led by David Wonham incorporated the name. He's trying to stop the city from using the money unless it's for a standalone museum.

"Unfortunately, as court matters go, they sometimes take a bit of time to work their way through. So we won't entirely know the status of that for a number of months in the future," Helga Reidel is the city's chief administrative officer.

Reidel says council would have to decide where to find the money if the city is not allowed to use the Chimczuk bequest.

We are certainly anxious to apply for and hear about a federal grant. Any portion not covered by grant would have to be funded by council through other means," Reidel said.

Reidel says city officials remain optimistic about a favourable court ruling.

The idea is to create museum space on the ground floor of the art gallery.


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