Windsor city council has voted in favour of building a $6.5-million warm-up swimming pool at the WFCU Centre for the 2016 FINA World Swimming Championship.

Martin Denonville, who lives in Old Riverside on the east end, said a new pool will be a good thing for the area. 

"In terms of having a pool in the Riverside Area, it`s great news for Riverside, great news for the east end."

Denonville also said he hopes the pool will be accessible to the community after the games are over. 

"I don't think it was addressed. Council has to make sure that this is a pool that's going to be set up for seniors to use, for children to use, for swim lessons and an all-around community pool," he said.     

Back in 2012, Windsor won the a bid to host the FINA competition, a four-day event which will bring swimmers to the city from across the globe.