An unattended candle caused a fire that badly damaged two apartments in a downtown Windsor high-rise apartment building.

A unit on the 26th floor of Victoria Park Place caught fire around 10 a.m. Sunday.

Approximately 35 firefighters worked on extinguishing the flames.

Roughly 200 people evacuated during the fire.

Nick Gallucci owns a unit on the 25th floor, right under the one that burned.

His tenant in that unit called to tell him the place now has water damage but Gallucci is just glad most people are okay.
"Insurance can replace anything else. You know, in a high-rise you always worry if the fire isn't contained, it could be a catastrophe," Gallucci said. 

Tina Sleiman, who lives on the 16th floor, stayed put during the fire. She said she's too old to take the stairwell and her husband is sick.

"It's sort of scary because you don't know what to do; how to get out, should you wait or what should happen?" Sleiman said. "It worked out okay, everything was fine."

One person was taken to hospital with minor injuries and smoke inhalation.

Two of the apartments are uninhabitable, but all other residents can return home.

Damage is estimated at $450,000.