A driver faces charges for failing to provide a breath sample and driving while under suspension after police were called to a parked car in Tilbury that had its horn sounding for about 45 minutes.

Chatham-Kent police were called to a parking lot near Massey Drive and Lyon Ave. in Tilbury around 10:00 p.m. Thursday because the parked vehicle's horn had been going off.

Police were advised that two small children were in the vehicle and were responsible for honking the horn.

After arriving, police say the officer observed the vehicle in question driving away, eventually driving over a curb. After stopping the vehicle police saw the two children in the back seat, one of whom was not wearing a seat belt. According to police, the children were not injured in connection with this incident.

The woman driving the car had the smell of alcohol on her breath and slurred speech, according to police. She refused to provide a breath sample and was arrested. After further investigation, police determined she was also a suspended driver.

A 34-year-old woman from Tilbury now has a court date scheduled for failing to provide a breath sample and driving while under suspension.