LaSalle's deputy police chief says the series of 911 calls that prompted a massive search last week were a hoax.

Police say 42 calls were received from the area of Morton Drive and Malden Road.

An exhaustive land and air search followed. LaSalle police searched on foot, bike and ATV while the RCMP got involved by using a plane in the search.

The caller was faint and the person sounded like they were having trouble breathing. Police said the caller sounded like they were outside and kept asking for help.

No one in distress was ever found.

Deputy Chief Dan Fantetti wrote a letter, expressing thanks to his officers for their perseverance, and posted it on the service's Facebook page.

He called it a "rewarding" experience, because of the teamwork involved.

"Though it turned out to be a hoax, it is very rewarding to everyone involved police, fire, and civilian to know that we never gave up, we exhausted all avenues, and continued to work together for almost 24 hours as a team in order to confirm that that there was no victim in distress," the post reads.

Police did not say whether any charges were laid.