A 41-year-old man is dead after a fatal accident on board the Tecumseh ship early Saturday morning, according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

"The facts are pretty sketchy for us and that’s part of the reason why we’re interested in getting on board the ship," said John Cottreau, manager of media relations.

The incident occurred in Thunder Bay, Ont. when the ship was docked. The ship is currently en route to Windsor.

Initially Thunder Bay Police and paramedics responded to the accident.

Soon after officials from the Tecumseh reported to incident to the TSB.

"Then loaded its cargo and left Thunder Bay for Windsor," said Cottreau.

The ship belongs to Lower Lakes Towing and president Scott Bravener refused to comment on the nature of the death until the investigation is complete.

Bravener said the man worked for the company for one year.

Two investigators are travelling from Ottawa to Windsor to investigate the death and should arrive by Tuesday morning, according to Cottreau.

"While in Windsor aboard the Tecumseh we’re going to be assessing what happened and we’re going to be determining what our next steps are going to be," said Cottreau.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada does not issue penalties, but instead completes investigations to determine the cause of the accident "to hopefully learn lessons so that these accidents don't happen again."