A four-year-old has donated $1,000 worth of toys to sick kids in Windsor.

Kelly Edgington was watching a TV show on which a child gave their old toys to children in need. 

Edgington decided she wanted to do the same for kids in the Transition to Betterness Paediatric Oncology Unit at Regional Hospital.

She ran two lemonade stands and held a family garage sale, raising $1,000 to purchase new toys.

Tuesday, Edgington and her grandparents went shopping and bought the toys.

Toys R Us offered Edgington a discount on the all items purchased, allowing her to stretch her $1,000 even more.

Thursday, Edgington presented the toys to representatives of Windsor Regional Hospital.

"This donation from 4-year-old Kelly is amazing," said Ron Foster, executive director of Windsor-Essex Hospitals. "She is one of the very young philanthropists in our community who decided to give back so that others will benefit."

"Children such as Kelly are the future of our community, and future of the [Transition to Betterness] organization. It’s wonderful to see such a young girl give such a big effort to help make a moment better for a child and family going through a tough time," said Kelly Gosselin, executive director for Transition to Betterness.