The City of Windsor has blown through its 2014 snow removal budget.

The city originally budgeted $3.57 million for snow removal this calendar year. In early January, an additional $1 million was added to the budget.

Pete Matheson, the city's maintenance manager, said even that has has been spent.

"We've spent a lot of money on salt and a lot of money on equipment and manpower for winter control," Matheson said. "We've definitely overspent in terms of the additional million dollars that we got.

"It's really going to be what happens in November and December as to what the final number is for winter control this year."

Environment Canada reports Windsor received 57.4 cm of snow in February and 93.6 cm in January. Another 9.4 cm fell on March 1.

Matheson says crews have been working 12-14 hours a day this year, plowing snow, pouring salt or patching potholes.

"When our crews weren't out plowing snow, they're out patching potholes. So there's really been no rest for them.
"The men and women have been going non-stop since the beginning of the winter."