Windsor city council will decide tonight whether to spend $300,000 to fix a section of railroad track.

Because the track crosses Huron Church Road just before the entrance of the Ambassador Bridge, it will be a tricky repair job.

The crossing is the busiest level crossing in North America because of the volume of cross-border traffic that passes over it.

It's that heavy traffic that has damaged the rails, which belong to the Essex Terminal Railway.

The city of Windsor is responsible for 87.5 per cent of the cost of the repairs, with Essex Terminal Railway picking up the rest.

The city has tried to get away with some cheaper fixes in the past, but the rail keeps splitting.

Now, the trick will be to replace the rail at the crossing while keeping cross-border traffic flowing.

"We have to do it in stages so we don't cut off traffic," city engineer Mario Sonego said. "But there's going to be restricted lanes there, and that's just where you'll have to do it at 1 a.m. to 7 a.m.

"It's not going to be a long-term thing. It will probably be three, four, five days, but I don't have the exact details. We're still working with ETR on that."

The president of ETR says the rail is constantly being inspected to ensure public safety.

He says they have enough engines that they can service customers on either side of the city while the work is being done.

Sonego is not sure when the work would begin, but he expects it will be done sometime this summer.