It's the weekend and it's cooling off but some activities can be done even with a slight chill in the air.

Options this weekend include an orchid show, the inaugural Dryland Dog Derby and a bona fide rock star with Windsor roots coming home for a concert.

CBC Windsor's Mike Evans has found all the hot events to attend this weekend.

1. Sitdown Servant Concert

Big Sugar front man Gordie Johnson is in town with his new act, Sitdown Servant.

Johnson will make an appearance at Dr. Disc on Ouellette Avenue at 3 p.m. Friday. He'll be selling albums and meeting fans.

Sitdown Servant will play FM Lounge Friday night.

2. Essex County International Dryland Dog Derby

Put simply, the event is sled dog racing without snow. It's also called urban mushing.

Bill Gasbar is an urban musher and an organizer of the event to be held at to Camp Cedarwin.

Gasbar said the dog sleds are similar to trikes. They feature bike wheels, brakes and frames and weight 20 pounds.

"A lot of people make their own, Gasbar said. "A tired dog is a happy dog."

The dryland derby will feature a lot of huskies. Huskies are really good with endurance so urban mushers say they're a great choice.

But there will also be other breeds on hand, too. They include hounds, border collies and spaniels, all trained to race.

The race is a sanctioned event with the Sleddogs Sports Association of Southwestern Ontario. The purse for all classes combined is over $6,000.

Races happen Saturday and Sunday.

"When you're taking off, you say whatever you want. Mush is the traditional word, but hardly anybody says that," Gasbar said.

Spectators are welcome, they are asked not to bring their dogs with them.

3. Orchid Show

The Orchid Show is happening Saturday and Sunday at Colasanti's Tropical Garden in Ruthven.

Even though it's November and starting to get cold, they have a temperature controlled environment at Colasanti's.

The show is being staged by the Essex County Orchid Society. It will be showing, selling and explaining everything anyone wants to know about orchids.

Mike Evans feels it's his responsibility to make sure you have fun things to do on the weekend.

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