3 leap year babies, 1 family

A family in Windsor, Ont., includes three leap year babies after the latest addition entered the world Feb. 29, 2012.
Moira Cool was born Feb. 29, 2012. She's the third leap year baby in her family. (Lacey Cool)

A family in Windsor, Ont., includes three leap year babies.

Gil Burford was born Feb. 29, 1924. His great niece, Trish Burford, was born on the same day in 1972. And finally, on Feb. 29, 2012, Gil Burford's great, great niece Moira Cool was born to Lacey and Jeff Cool at Windsor Regional Hospital.

So, that makes three leap year babies in the same family, all born in Windsor.

"I keep wondering if this is a Guinness World Record of some sort," Trish Burford said.

Gil Burford bet Lacey Cool $5 the baby wouldn't be born on Feb. 29, because, what are the odds, he thought.

"I was praying all along that Lacey would have the baby on our birthday to keep the tradition alive," said Trish Burford.

Cool went nine days past her due date. Moira is her first child.

"There was certain pressure from Uncle Gil, but I didn't think I'd go nine days overdue," Cool said.

The odds of being born on Feb. 29 are approximately 1 in 1,500.

Gil Burford said he's beyond trying to figure out the odds of three leap year babies being born into one family.

"It's got to be in the thousands, maybe in the millions," he said.