3 arrested after gun pulled during robbery

Windsor Police have charged three people after a man pulled a gun during an alleged shoplifting incident at a south end grocery store.

Windsor Police have charged three people after a man pulled a gun during an alleged  shoplifting incident at a south end grocery store.

Police were called to the Real Canadian Superstore at 4371 Walker Rd. around 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Police said a 23-year-old man, his mother and his girlfriend entered the grocery store, filled a cart with meat and groceries and walked out past the cash registers without paying.

"There was no attempt made to pay for the items at all, it was blatantly obvious that they were attempting to steal these items," said Windsor Police Sgt. Brett Corey.

An employee approached the trio in the parking lot and told the man he was under arrest for theft, said police.

The man then allegedly pulled a silver handgun from the waistband of his shorts, pointed it at the employee and told the worker to leave him alone, said police.

Corey said the man returned the gun to his shorts and ran west across the parking lot to another store, while the two women drove away in a pickup truck.

Uniformed officers arriving on the scene, stopped the truck and arrested the women, then surrounded the man, who had changed his clothing after allegedly hiding a shirt in another store.

"He was arrested in a high-risk manner by some members of our emergency services unit," said Corey. "They also located the silver handgun which turned out to be a pellet-pistol, in a bush, close by the store in the parking lot area."

The 23-year old Windsor man is charged with robbery, theft under $5000, escaping lawful custody and several weapons charges.

His 47-year old mother and his 19-year old girlfriend are charged with robbery.

The two women have been released, while the man remains in police custody.