The Windsor Police Services Board approved the purchase of 25 new Tasers Thursday.

The Tasers cost of just under $100,000, training included.

The department already has 24 of what are officially known as "conducted energy weapons."

The new additions are manufactured by Taser International Inc.

Tom Crowley is the inspector of professional advancement. He says that by April about 200 officers will be trained on the use of the stun guns.

"We'll have a pool of CEWs in our equipment control. Those CEWs will be issued to frontline patrols officers ... before the start of their shift," Crowley said.

Each cruiser will soon see at least one officer in it be equipped with a Taser.

Police Chief Al Frederick supports the use of Tasers.

"The availability of that use of force option will enhance public safety and officer safety. There's no question," Frederick told CBC Windsor late last year. "All the inquests, all the independent studies have shown that, and they're an extremely effective use of force option that is used very rarely, but when it's required, it's good to have."

Crowley called Tasers "an important tool" and make officers "more effective and efficient" while on patrol.

"We see a prohibitive outcome in terms of injuries on subjects. Research has identified that injuries are reduced," Crowley said.

According to the latest statistics, Windsor police used Tasers 13 times in 2012