The earth has opened up at two spots in the east end of Windsor.


One of two sinkholes reported Sunday in east Windsor. (Katia Augustin/CBC News)

Holes in the intersection of Ypres Boulevard and Cadillac Street and at Riverside Drive East and Watson Street were reported to city police late Sunday afternoon.

Ypres Boulevard was open to traffic Monday. Barriers were placed around the sinkhole.

Eastbound traffic was closed on Riverside Drive East at Watson Street, which was closed in that area.

City workers began fixing the holes Monday morning.

Public Works maintenance manager Pete Matheson says the road caved in. He said the openings are not sinkholes.

"When people think of a sinkhole they think of unstable ground conditions and things that happen in Florida, when all of a sudden, for no reason, the ground caves in," Matheson said. "A cave-in is more of something that's caused by damaged [caused] by an utility that creates a void — and they are sort of very localized, very restricted.

"It's not an unstable condition that will keep opening up or keep sinking in. We can actually go down and make a fix to the damage.

The repairs on Riverside Drive were done and the road to open again by 3 p.m..

Crews  also patched a small hole that appeared on Ypres Boulevard at Cadillac Street.

CBC Windsor's Katia Augustin is on scene at Riverside Drive and tweeted this video.