Windsor Police arrested two men following a fight near the Traveller's Choice Motel in west Windsor on Tuesday.

Neighbours near the motel on Sandwich Street called police after they spotted a man attacking a woman outside the motel.

"We all seen a weapon in his hand," said Dawn Parent.

"We seen a hammer or something. They both left, then she came back with a bloody face."

Several bystanders tried to help the woman, but told police her attacker was joined by a second man.

Good Samaritans hurt

Some of those who tried to help were injured.

"Some white guy came out of the apartment building with like a big piece of oak or maple table leg and he swung on Shane. Just missed Shane's head by this much," said Dex Ulrich.

"Then he came at me, I was like, 'I didn't do it'. Then it was all over because the cops showed up," said Ulrich.

The Windsor Police tactical unit was called in to deal with the situation.

The special victim's unit is now handling the case.