$2,500 prized parrot stolen from Windsor pet store

A $2,500 prized parrot has been stolen from a Windsor pet store.

Corbret's pets suspects someone stuffed the orange winged Amazon in their coat and left

A $2,500 prized parrot has been stolen from a Windsor pet store. (Corbett's Pets)

A $2,500 prized parrot has been stolen from a Windsor pet store.

Four-month-old Coco, an orange winged Amazon parrot, was taken from Corbret's Pets sometime Wednesday evening.

Store manager Cory Drouillard the store was busy at the time of the bird’s disappearance.

The bird, native to south America, is worth thousands because it's been hand fed by humans since it hatched.

“If you wanted to grab the bird and put it in your coat, the bird wouldn’t squawk or anything you could because it’s used to human comfort,” Drouillard said.

Staff suspects that's exactly what happened; that someone stuffed the bird in their coat pocket and left the store.

Coco speaks, often squawking the phrases "pretty bird" and "kiss me."

Coco responds to its name and knows approximately 25 words but has the ability to learn more.

The bird needs to eat fruits, nuts and seeds and be housed in the proper temperature.

Drouillard asked the public to be on the look out. He said people with new pets usually like to "show them off."

Windsor police have been notified and are investigating. Corbret's Pets are offering an award, the amount to be discussed upon the return of the bird.

"We would like our baby bird back," Drouillard said. "We just want our bird back and problem solved."


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