Police and investigators from the Humane Society removed 146 dead cats from a downtown Windsor apartment building.

The Humane Society said in a media release that 126 dead cats were removed from one unit at 920 Ouellette Ave. Police said another 20 were taken from a second unit.

However, the Humane Society said that, "an undetermined number of remains of dead cats" were found in the second unit.

Several of the cats were being stored in fridges and freezers.

The cause of death of those animals is still under investigation.

An additional 46 cats, still alive but sick, were also taken from the building.

The Humane Society said orders requiring the owner to provide food, water, litter boxes, and a clean area for the cats by 9 a.m. Friday, were previously issued.

Owners of animals in both apartments are cooperating, the Humane Society said.

There were no litter boxes found in the apartment. The building manager called the humane society to complain this week.

The investigation is ongoing.

The building has been known for the criminal activity that has long taken place inside.

But the social housing highrise has been under close surveillance by Windsor Police since July. Officials in October told CBC News the surveillance has keeping the "undesirables" out.

Andrea Laforet lives in the building.  She said, "This is just another problem that we have in the building. We've got prostitutes roaming the building.  We've got drugs being done in this building. It's not a home anymore. It's a warzone."

Windsor Police said in the fall that officers walk through Ouellette Manor at least three times per day.  But Sargeant Matthew D'Asti said, "Our officers have not reported on anything regarding that or even the noises of cats coming from that unit." 

He said they were simply not aware there was a problem.