Even at 100 years of age, people are still susceptible to peer pressure.

Viola Arnold of Windsor, Ont., is turning 101 this year and at the behest of her friends, she pierced her ears for the first time in her life Wednesday.

"I got to the age of 100 and they figured I'd better have them done, so here I am," Arnold said before it happened.

Several of her fellow Huron Lodge retirement home residents took the short bus trip across town with Arnold so they could be there for the piercings.

"I was like a little nervous mother. I was getting a little teary, I really was," Huron Lodge arts and crafts co-ordinator Susan Novelletto said.

Arnold used to wear clip-on earrings but they recently started hurting her.

"This is the first time I ever had a request like this. She looks great," Novelletto said.

When Arnold told her son, he immediately approved. Now he knows the perfect gift to get his mother for her 101st birthday on Sunday — earrings.

"He said, 'go for it mom,'" Arnold said. "I'd like a diamond, a small diamond, not too large."

Unfortunately, her son lives in Georgia and couldn't attend the piercings.

Ken Gayowsky of  Visage Salon at Devonshire Mall had the honour of piercing Arnold's ears.

"She's certainly our No.1 elderly customer," Gayowsky said "She's a wonderful looking lady."

He said most of his customers are babies or young children when they first pierce their ears.

"But we get customers at every age. There are a number of ladies who come in in their 60s, 70s, 80s and couple in their 90s. Certainly not at 101."

Barbara Schram, 72, is another one of those women waited years to get their ears pierced. Schram had her ears pierced six weeks ago, just in time for a cruise she and her husband will soon take. She just happened to be near when Arnold was about to get the piercings.

"I wasn't afraid, I just didn't think of [doing] it," she said of not having them done before. "I would not do belly piercing. I draw the line there."