Thousands of children are back to school in the Windsor region Tuesday, and about 100 kids were the first to begin classes at a new French elementary school.

The French school board, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, has decided to open l'École élémentaire Louise-Charron, due to a hike in enrolment.

The principal, Denyze Berecz, said more parents are signing up their children to French schools because there are many newcomers to the region who come from French speaking countries.

"I think it enriches our communities, our country," said Berecz. "I've met many people that have immigrated to Canada and [are] tremendously grateful for that. They definitely want their children in French language schools.  Language is important to them."

The board said there has seen a 10 per cent increase in enrolment in the last year alone. Ontario's French language school enrolment average has increased by five per cent.

Michelle La Bute has her daughter attending the new school, and said there are many benefits.

"Excellent opportunity for the future, brain development and making new friends, nice small classes, lots of focus on one-on-one time, that's the main thing with a small school," Michelle La Bute said.