Ten workers will start their new jobs Monday at a rail head on North Service Rd.

The president of Unifor Local 444 told CBC the union has signed a contract with Chrysler Canada to secure the positions. The workers will be helping load vehicles on the rail line. They will then be shipped to different locations across the country.

"We've been able to sit down with Chrysler, give them a business case and a plan and be able to hammer out a deal," said Chiodo.

The union has been in negotiations with various companies for the last year.

"This was a GM program and GM shut the whole operation down," said Chiodo. "We've been trying to court different companies to put that program back in place."

GM employed 19 workers when they operated on the property.

Chiodo said the contract with Chrysler Canada, the Automotive Warehouse Company and CN Rail, will start with just the 10 jobs, but could expand further.

He also said it would help Chrysler cover more ground for shipping their vehicles.