Lawyers for three men are pleased the government of Newfoundland and Labrador is willing to broaden the terms of the inquiry looking into their wrongful convictions.

"I'm prepared to expand the terms of the scope if the justice sees necessary," said Danny Williams, the incoming premier.

Retired Supreme Court justice Antonio Lamer is heading an inquiry into the cases of three men. Ronald Dalton, Randy Druken and Gregory Parsons were all convicted of murder, but exonerated.

The province has never admitted Druken and Dalton were wrongfully convicted, but did apologize and negotiate a settlement with Parsons.

When the inquiry opened in September, Lamer said he would hear arguments from the mens' lawyers to expand the terms of the inquiry, but that only the province could revise them.

Now Williams says he's willing to give the inquiry a broader scope and he's willing to let Lamer make that decision.

Williams says he doesn't want to interfere with the process of the inquiry, but will do what is necessary.

"If we're going to do this inquiry, let's do it right," he said.

Dalton wants the terms of reference expanded because as the mandate stands, the eight-year delay in his appeal and his compensation are the only element of his case to be examined.

Jerome Kennedy, lawyer for both Dalton and Parsons, wants to review why Dalton was convicted in the first place, and to re-examine Parsons's compensation package.