Which CBC host is the ultimate pumpkin carver?

Four CBC News Network hosts battled with pumpkin seeds and goop to make it to the grand pumpkin-carving contest finale.

Host's pumpkin with NHL theme wins by 'very clear majority'

Find out which CBC News Network host is the winner of this year's epic pumpkin-carving competition. 3:20

Four CBC News Network hosts battled with pumpkin seeds and goop to make it to the grand pumpkin-carving contest finale.

Carly Agro, John Northcott, Jay Scotland and Scott Peterson each had their own unique strategy. Agro hoped to win over those frustrated by the NHL lockout. Northcott banked on his pumpkin's size to wow the judges.

In the end, after votes from more than 20 judges in the newsroom and control room, one pumpkin won  by "a very clear majority."

Agro's NHL-lockout pumpkin, complete with chains wrapped around it, won the contest.