The sky-high price of bullion has generated huge interest and activity in mining communities such as Red Lake, Ont., which sits atop of one of the richest gold deposits in the world.

Areas that were once thought not worth exploring have suddenly become attractive, thanks to the price of gold, and it has led to a mining and prospecting boom in this region located at the end of a northern highway.

There are dozens of jobs in Red Lake waiting for people with the right skills, and finding enough miners is as much a focus for the companies involved as is finding gold.

In the town itself, a modern airport terminal has just opened, a new hotel is in the works, and subdivisions are being planned. But the real buzz among the town's 4,600 residents is the impending opening of its first Tim Hortons.

CBC reporter Havard Gould visited Red Lake, spoke to the residents and went underground with the miners to find out what's changing in a town that's enjoying the benefits of an incredible gold boom.