VIA passengers delayed as RCMP arrest two on gun charges

Two people face firearms charges after RCMP officers arrested them early Thursday morning on board a VIA train here.

The train was delayed for about six hours while officers searched the train for the two suspects.

The intrigue started with a phone call to the Montreal Police. A caller told police that a couple, carrying firearms, had boarded the train in Sudbury.

The train's next scheduled stop was Biggar.

So, at two in the morning, while most passengers were fast asleep, offices boarded the train.

Corporal Jerry Wilde of the RCMP says the couple were found in a sleeping car. But before the police moved in, the other passengers were removed from the car.

"That car was uncoupled from the entire train and it was in a somewhat semi- isolated area away from other passenger cars," Wilde says.

In the meantime, an emergency response team drove from Regina. Wilde says the suspects slept through it all.

"When they were arrested, they were awoken and they came out without incident."

They're now in custody in Biggar. Firearms charges are pending, as are others stemming form several unrelated incidents in eastern Canada.