Vandals have cut brake lines on cars of Liberal supporters in the Toronto riding of St. Paul's, Liberal incumbent Carolyn Bennett said in her blog Saturday.

"The official agent for my campaign went through a stop sign and nearly hit a bus because he did not know that his brake lines had been cut," she said.

"I was sickened" by the vandalism, she said, which included graffiti, cut phone lines and cars keyed with a large L.

Toronto police said in a news release late Saturday night that some phone and cable lines in the area had been cut overnight Friday.

The release did not mention that Liberals were targeted, but Staff-Sgt. Shawn Meloche told the Toronto Star that "there appears to be a connection" between the vandalism and houses with Liberal lawn signs.

Police confirmed 10 cases of vandalism, but the riding headquarters said there were 14 by Saturday evening, the Star said.