UBC abortion fight

Anti-abortion and pro choice forces squared off at UBC Wednesday, over a gruesome display of bloody fetuses.

It was set up by the university's anti-abortion club. It combined scenes from the Holocaust with graphic images of bloody babies and fetuses.

Club members say abortion is no different from the Nazi death camps.

The display triggered lots of reaction, much of it negative. "It's disgusting, really offensive, " said one student.

Stephanie Gray is the president of the club. She says they set out to shock people."The intention is to show the graphic nature of abortion," she says. "It is so horrific so many people don't know how horrific it is."

Gabe Meranda of UBC's Jewish student group told a pro-choice rally the comparison is misleading and dangerous.

He says it's a quantum leap to draw parallels between a woman's choice to have an abortion and the Holocaust.

Some officials with UBC's Alma Mater Society face a disciplinary hearing over charges they vandalized a similar anti-abortion display last year.