Two fires destroy much of Saskatchewan village

The 100-population village of Veregin, Sask., is wondering whether to rebuild after fires destroyed all but two public facilities.

The mayor of the tiny Saskatchewan village of Veregin, population 100, is wondering whether it should be rebuilt in the wake of two big fires in the space of one week.

The local hotel went up in flames early Thursday morning, a week after a major fire destroyed the village office, the post office, the bus depot and an old fire hall.

Mayor Nadia Reiben said that leaves just two public facilities standing in Veregin: a co-op gas station and a seniors' centre.

She said the community, located about 50 kilometres northeast of Yorkton, will have to decide whether it's worthwhile to start from scratch, given how expensive it would be.

"There are some that are gung-ho, and the next ones say, 'Well, you know, this is it. We're done. We're finished.'"

Reiben said the villagers will gather to plan their next move, and a majority vote will determine the community's future.