Nova Institution, the minimum/medium security prison for Atlantic Canadian women is overcrowded after only five years in existence. "It gets kind of stressful at times," said inmate Karen Dooks who has been in and out of this prison for about two years."It's having to share a house with a lot of women from different backgrounds and different parts of the Maritimes. It's a little rough at times."

When it opened almost five years ago Nova Institution was designed to house 28 inmates but 40 women are now serving sentences here. Each of these four houses was originally built for seven inmates. Now up to ten women are living in each one.

There are 8 double bunked, and that's not healthy for anyone," said warden Mary Ennis."We try to handle it."

Corrections Canada plans to start building another house next month. Between now and the time its finished no more than 40 women will serve time here.