Trucker who killed RCMP officer was on road too long

A 24-year-old man from Manitoba will be sentenced Tuesday in connection with the death of an RCMP officer from Saskatoon.

Nathan Klekta was driving the semi-trailer that side-swiped Constable Daniel Bourdon on a highway just outside Saskatoon.

Klekta has admitted to driving without due care and attention and driving longer than the 13-hour daily limit. In exchange, Crown prosecutor Terry Hinz dropped the original charge -- dangerous driving causing death.

According to Hinz, Klekta drove at least 15 hours from Wisconsin to Saskatoon, with only three short breaks. He says Klekta was so tired, he didn't see Bourdon's police cruiser on the side of the road.

"The cruiser would have been visible on the highway for a good one minute of approach time," says Hinz. "Clearly, the man was fatigued to the point of being totally oblivious to what was visible on the road ahead of him. So, the hours of service violation has a direct bearing on the carelessness leading to the fatality."

Klekta's lawyer says his client made a tragic mistake, but he says semi drivers are under pressure to drive longer hours to increase profits.

Kletka apologized to members of Bourdon's family seated in the courtroom. He is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday.