Town remembers Samantha Walsh

People in Fleur de Lys gathered to remember Samantha Walsh last night on the first anniversary of her death.

Michael Lewis had picked up Samantha Walsh on the harbour ice, just metres from her home. He took her to a cabin in the woods and strangled her. The murder rocked the community and the province.

Almost every day someone brings something to the home of George and Millie Walsh, some reminder of what Samantha meant to them.

"I know that a child at eight, nine, ten years old can look at us and want to comfort us and take away some of the pain. George and I think these children are amazing, really. A child's love is the greatest love."

Last night, it was another show of love. In a raging blizzard, people packed the local church to remember Samantha. There were thirteen candles, one for each of her years. There was a shrine of purple and yellow, Samantha's favourite colors. Her friends and neighbours remembered her in prayer.

However, there are whispers in the community that the preoccupation with what happened to Samantha should soon end. Some say the community has been in the spotlight for too long.

George Walsh says that won't happen.

"We will keep this in the public as long as we live and got our senses. We will try and spread some good out of the bad that was inflicted on us."

Walsh says his daughter's killer will be eligible for parole in seven years. Keeping their daughter's memory in a very public way, will help the Walshes in their fight to keep him in jail.