Tower and crash victim come down

A 330-metre communications tower near Shawinigan, Que was brought down at six o'clock on Friday night. It was badly damaged when it was hit by a small plane on Sunday. The pilot's body is trapped in the wreckage.


  • Owner of transmission tower: WesTower
  • Demolition carried out by Engineered Demolition of Idaho
  • Seven diagonal cables demolished at once
  • Construction of a new tower will take six to eight months
  • Total estimated cost of reconstruction: $10 million
  • The widow of the Quebec pilot is upset the tower's owners dynamited the structure.

    Franoise Jolin had said they blew up the tower her husband would be blown up with it.

    Gilbert Paquette is believed to have died instantly when his Cessna crashed into the fog-shrouded transmission tower in Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, Que.

    The plane's fuselage and Paquette's body were stuck near the top of the tower. WesTower Communications says there is major structural damage, which made it too risky for anyone to climb up to recover Paquette's body.

    But Jolin remained skeptical, saying if her husband had survived, they would have found a way to get him down.