The unveiling of a TTC new station at York University in December has some concerned that the new stop might mean the end of some other transit bus routes as early as next year.

Some students say they were told by several GO bus drivers that the university planned to end all transportation options except for the TTC, which would mean that students who commute in from neighbouring cities would have no choice but to get off at a stop farther away from the university.

That would also mean students might also have to pay a TTC fare to ride to the new stop in the process.

'Buses will continue'

However, Metrolinx, a provincial agency that oversees transit in the GTA, said no changes are in the works for bus service to York University.

"Nothing is going to happen at this point in time. Their buses will continue," Anne Marie Aikins, spokesperson for Metrolinx told CBC Toronto.

Anne Marie Aikins

Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins says buses will run as normal for now despite the new York University TTC stop. (CBC News)

While no changes to GO bus routes have been confirmed yet, Aikins said there could still be changes in the future.

"When we have a new subway opening, that always changes some travel patterns," she said. "We're going to look at those travel patterns to see where the need for buses and so forth are."

If changes are to come, students can expect to be notified early on.

York University said in a statement to CBC Toronto that it would work with transportation agencies to ensure that any changes would be communicated to students well in advance.

But Aikins said for now she wants to reassure students that their services will continue.

"We're going to just monitor it for now," Aikins said. "We will look at how the new subway impacts riders next year."

With files from Lauren Pelley