Campus security at York University in Toronto is in the spotlight again after an alleged sexual assault this weekend.

A former York student has been charged after the incident on Friday night.

Earlier this year, a York student was killed at her residence near the school.

Toronto police Sgt. Ken Boyle says it's easy for people draw comparisons between this incident and the slaying of York student Qian Liu in April. But he says people shouldn't.

"This by no means has any relation to that offence," said Boyle.

Qian Liu was killed in her off-campus residence, while Friday's alleged assault happened on York property.

Boyle said Faizan Ali, 30, was charged after a man entered a student residence around 10 p.m. Friday, looking for a woman he had met earlier on campus.

The woman let the man into her room and police say he assaulted her and a friend.