A York University PhD student, who was convicted in the sexual assault of fellow student Mandi Gray on Thursday, has had his bail revoked and will await his sentencing in jail, a judge decided Monday. 

Mustafa Ururyar, was convicted of forcing Gray, who waived her right to a publication ban on her name, to perform oral sex and engage in sexual intercourse on Jan. 31, 2015.

​He appeared in court Monday morning to find out if he would be allowed to remain out-of-custody as he waits his sentencing, expected to take place Sept. 14.

"This man raped Mandi Gray. Why should he not come into custody today?" said Justice Marvin Zuker. "He's not the victim here."

Ururyar is both a student and employee of York University. Though he has been suspended by the school, he is still being paid. 

On Monday morning, the court heard from his partner Alison Moore, who was willing to act as his surety and allow him to live with her in Vancouver, where his mother also lives, until his sentencing. 

"The problem, of course, is that rape is about power and control," said Zuker. "The impact of January 31 will affect Mandi Gray for the rest of her life."

Ururyar was led out of the court in handcuffs. 

His lawyer, Lisa Bristow, says she will be filing an appeal in the Ontario Superior Court today.