A photo-op with Premier Kathleen Wynne at a Toronto high school Tuesday morning is creating quite a social media stir — and it only takes a quick glance to figure out why. 

Wynne was at Jarvis Collegiate Institute with Reza Moridi, minister of training, colleges and universities, to talk about the province's plan to offer a new grant for low-income college and university students.

But a quick photo-op with science students running an experiment involving dish soap didn't end up with the best results. 

Initially dubbed the "pink blob" on social media, others were quick to point out the blob's resemblance to something else.

Some wondered if it might be time to give the "blob" a more fitting title.

Others wanted to see this science project shot immortalized.

One Twitter user drew on Drake lyrics to describe the situation.

So far, the premier hasn't addressed the science experiment snafu or the chain-reaction it's set off on social media.