Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley met in Toronto Friday morning for a closed-door meeting in which the two discussed how best to balance the needs of the economy with tackling climate change.

During a Friday morning news conference after the meeting, the two premiers agreed that climate change is one of the most "urgent" issues facing both of their provinces and Wynne said she is "optimistic" about being able to tackle the issue together.

Wynne praised the recent changes that Notley has made to Alberta's approach to climate change. In particular, she supported the province's cap on emissions from the oilsands, which Wynne said will make the national conversation about climate targets and pipelines easier. 

On the topic of pipelines, Notley advocated for the approval of the Energy East pipeline, saying that it is safest and best option, despite the opposition from some Canadian politicians such as Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre

"Frankly, municipal leaders who don't see that are being short-sighted," said Notley. "This pipeline is part of building a strong Canada, it's part of building a strong economy." 

Wynne said that people in Ontario "care a great deal" about the potential jobs that the proposed Energy East pipeline could create in the province and across Canada.

The meeting between the leaders was closed to the media.

Both leaders appeared at a Thursday night event held by environmental research think-tank Pembina Institute.