WWII paratrooper takes the plunge again at 86

An 86-year-old Ontario man who last jumped out of a plane when he served in the Second World War peforms the feat again.
An 86-year-old former paratrooper makes his first jump in almost seven decades. 2:07

An 86-year-old man who last jumped out of a plane while serving with the Canadian Forces in the Second World War performed the feat again on Tuesday.

Jack Pym of Kincardine, Ont., made the jump after a mutual friend encouraged Pym and Charlie Mann, his 90-year-old friend, to take the plunge together.

"He said: 'Would you jump if I jump? I said ‘yes.’"

Pym is no stranger to jumping out of planes.

As a member of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion he was sent to Britain during the Second World War. Pym was 18 at the time.

"The one jump you had out of a basket ... you had to set yourself up and drop through the hole," he said.

The veteran has nearly a dozen jumps under his belt — but all of those nearly seven decades ago.

Mann planned to join Pym in the air, but a recent leg surgery kept him on the ground. Pym’s 62-year-old daughter and his 30-year-old granddaughter came out to witness the jump.

"He's excited, so I'm excited," his granddaughter, Nadine Powers, told CBC News.

"That what he's wanted to do," said Pym's daughter. "So, living a dream I guess."

Pym has stayed in shape over the years by exercising every day. His general fitness allowed him to breeze through the training session.

His 55-second freefall looked effortless as he floated down to earth.

Inspired, Mann promises to take the plunge with his friend next year. Pym also plans to jump again, next time with his granddaughter.

With files from CBC's Lucy Lopez