An Ontario woman will soon take home a brand-new car thanks to a knock on her daughter's head.

Deborah Armstrong of Caledon, Ont., recently won a 2014 Toyota Corolla Sport in the annual Tim Hortons' Roll Up the Rim to Win contest while waiting in a hospital emergency room.

"She just screamed 'My mother won a car!'" - Deborah Armstrong

Armstrong had taken her 28-year-old daughter to a Brampton hospital after she'd fallen and hit her head and got a coffee while waiting.  

Armstrong says she "sat in silence" upon realizing she'd won.

"I was sitting in triage with a lot of very sick people and people who had fallen on the ice — waiting for treatment. So, I didn't think it was appropriate to scream out that I'd won," she told guest host Mary Ito on CBC Radio's Here and Now.

Instead she showed the winning cup to her daughter and asked if it looked "legit."

"And she just screamed 'My mother won a car!'" said Armstrong.

She expects to take possession within six to eight weeks.

Armstrong added that her daughter was not seriously injured, and didn't even mind that Armstrong had bought the coffee with her Tim Hortons card.

"She's a super daughter."