Woman killed by police cruiser was to retire in August

A woman who died after being struck by a police cruiser was due to retire next month.

Satyawatti (Janet) Katryan was just weeks from retirement when her life ended on the weekend.

The 64-year-old Toronto grandmother was killed Saturday when trying to cross Highway 27, after fetching a prescription from a Fortino’s grocery store.

Katryan was struck by a police cruiser that was leading a funeral procession.

Her family was notified later that day, when officers showed up at her home.

Satyawatti (Janet) Katryan is seen in an undated photo.

That’s when Newman Katryan found out his wife was dead.

The couple had celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in June.

"I was hoping we'd make it for the 50," Newman Katryan said.

Now Satyawatti Katryan’s family is preparing for her funeral, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday.

Katryan had worked in a warehouse for The Shopping Channel and was due to retire next month.

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit is probing the circumstances surrounding her death.

Investigators are currently trying to determine if the police cruiser’s lights were flashing and if speed was a factor in the fatal crash.

The SIU investigates all incidents involving police in which a death or serious injury occurs, or when allegations of sexual assault are raised.

With reports from the CBC's Charlsie Agro and Lucy Lopez