Win Butler NBA All-Star celebrity game

Team Canada's Win Butler of Arcade Fire holds the MVP trophy after his team defeated Team USA. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

An ESPN reporter abruptly shut down Win Butler when he started a spiel about the U.S. election after he was minted MVP at the NBA all-star celebrity game.

Team Canada's Arcade Fire singer was chatting with ESPN's Sage Steele following the celebrity matchup at Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto.

During the post-game interview, Butler attempted to discuss the U.S. election, but Steele shut it down — fast.

"The U.S. has a lot they can learn from Canada, health care, taking care of people," Butler said before music started to play and he was cut off by Steele.

"We're talking about celebrity stuff, not politics," she said.

And that was that.

Viewers were not impressed by the not-so-subtle segue.