Wild dogs on loose in Markham force shutdown of parks

Two dogs that attacked three people, including a police officer, are still on the loose in Markham.

Dangerous animals still not found after two attacks earlier this week

Two dogs that attacked three people, including a police officer, are still on the loose in Markham.

The dogs look like German shepherds, police said, and may be wild.

Because the aggressive animals have not been seen at all today, police have stopped actively searching for them. City personnel are still looking.

Two women were injured in dog attacks on Monday in the Huntington Park area.

The biting incidents have forced the shutdown of a number of parks and outdoor programs across the city.

"Obviously, they don't want to be found, and they are very, very agile and they have shown to be aggressive," Chris Alexander, who works for the City of Markham, said of the canines.

Until the animals are found and taken out of the area, the city has cancelled recreational programs and closed parks in the following locations:

  • Huntington Park
  • Bayview Reservoir
  • Thornlea Secondary School
  • Thornlea East Park
  • Green Lane Park
  • Bishops Cross Park
  • St. Roberts Field
  • Duncan Park
  • Bayview Fairway

The city says it will reassess on Thursday, depending on whether there are sightings of the dogs.

Residents in any wooded or ravine areas in the territory bordered by Highway 407, John Street, Bayview Avenue and Highway 404 are strongly urged to exercise caution and keep their children and animals closely supervised until the dangerous animals are removed, the city said.