Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly made lewd comments about one of his rivals in the mayoral election, denounced Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak for agreeing "with all the gays" and said he is sick of politics but will win the mayoral race, according to a new audio recording obtained by the Toronto Sun.

The recording was surreptitiously taped by a patron at a bar in the Toronto suburb of Etobicoke in the city's west end, where Ford lives and where he was having drinks with a group of people on Monday night, the Sun reported on Wednesday.

The tape is choppy and many of the comments are indiscernible or cut off by others in the group. Below are some of the audible parts of what was said by a man identified by the newspaper as Ford:

1. On Tim Hudak's rainbow flag stance

Ford criticizes Tim Hudak, the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, for voting in favour of a motion to fly a rainbow flag at Queen's Park provincial legislature during the Sochi Olympics.

"Hudak comes out and says, 'Yeah, I agree with all the gays,'" Ford says.

"Right there, he lost my vote," Ford goes on to say.

2. On why he won't vote Liberal

Ford mulls over which party he could vote for if he cannot vote Conservative.

"I can't vote Liberal 'cause I don't like what [Ontario Premier Kathleen] Wynne is doing. Not because she's gay. I just don't like corruption," he says.

"NDP? I'm just not left wing," he continues. "I might have to vote Green."

3. On Karen Stintz

When Ford is discussing the other mayoral contenders, someone in his group asks him, "How about Karen Stintz?"

"I'd like to f--king jam her," Ford replies.

4. On smoking marijuana

At some point in the nearly seven-minute recording, someone asks Ford when was the last time he smoked a joint.

"It doesn't matter," Ford answers.

5. On his wife, Renata Ford

At another point in the tape, someone asks Ford, "How do you f--k your wife?"

"Brother, I'd f--k her wife every f--king," he says before the audio becomes indiscernible.

6. On drinking alcohol

"F--k bro, I'd pound this every day," Ford says, apparently referring to shots of alcohol.

At that point, someone can be heard saying that it is 9 p.m.

At another point in the tape, Ford says to someone, "If you don't get a shot in two seconds, I'm going to knock your f--king teeth out."

7. On his chances of re-election

Ford and some members of his group are heard saying that the mayoral vote will be split and that Ford's only real contender is Olivia Chow.

"I'd rather lose to Olivia Chow than lose to anyone, man," Ford says.

But it appears that Ford does not believe that losing is a likely outcome.

"I'm f--king sick of politics, dude. Look at my record ... I'm going to win. We're going to win," he says.

8. On his plans if he loses

"Once I'm done, I'm done. I'm going to California," he says.

9. On certain ethnicities

‚ÄčAt several points on the audio, Ford uses derogatory slang terms for Italians, including the words "wop" and "dagos." In one hard to make out section of the audio it sounds like he may be saying "I'm a racist."