Let's all take a moment to thank a Texas Low.

That's the meteorological term for a low-pressure system that originates in the Lone Star state, and which is responsible for gifting us with the warmest February 3 on record for Toronto.

Forecasters predicted that previous record highs would be shattered when the temperature passed 9 C this morning. At 2 p.m., the mercury hit 15.5 C at Pearson International Airport.The previous record set at the airport was 9.3 C in 1991.

CBC Toronto meteorologist Jay Scotland said it could become the hottest February day on record.

"Warm weather should be no surprise really for folks in Toronto this year," Scotland said. "Due to a strong El Nino pattern, we've seen warmer than normal conditions through November, December and January."

Make sure to get outside and enjoy the abnormal — but not unwelcome — weather before this evening. Overnight, the temperature is set to drop down again to a low of 0 C.